Welcome to Leilani Mae Horse Rescue.  Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and facilitate the adoption of neglected, abused and slaughter-bound horses in America, with a focus on North Carolina. 

We were founded in 2010, by Deb Gillis, and became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2013.  Leilani Mae Horse Rescue is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy environment for rescued horses and follows the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) care guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities.  We are happy to share our story and hope to inspire your participation.  You can reach Deb Gillis the Founder at 904-236-8928 or Emily the Social Media Coordinator at 310-994-8717.  You can also reach us through email – Leilanimaerescue@live.com and Facebook.  We are open from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. seven days a week through any kind of weather.  Leilani Mae Horse Rescue is located at 9248 East Reeves Bridge Road, Linden, NC 28356.

Please consider donating or covering the cost of these much-needed items:

For Our Feed    *Tribute Seniority    *Tribute Kalm N’ Easy    *Tribute Kalm Ultra    *Tribute Finish K     *Shredded Beet Pulp       For Our Hay   *Coastal Bermuda Round Bales    *Round Hay Rings    For Our Treats    *Low Sugar Treats    *Oat Treats for Senior Horses    *Mineral/Salt Blocks    For Our Stalls    *Bedding/Shavings – Tractor Supply (Yellow Bag)      *Stall Mats    For Our Comfort    *Blankets    *Halters   For Our Humans    *Heavy-Duty Wheel Barrows    *Large Tubs or Storage Bins   *Plastic Manure Forks     For Our Health    *NuStock for Wounds    *Vet Wrap    *First Aid Supplies    *Joint Supplements    For Our Training    *Round Pen Panels    Other    *Fly Bags    *Black Rubber Feed Bowls

*We do accept any donation whether it is the brand we use or a different brand, we are always appreciative for all of our donations! This is for reference if you want to the specific brand and type. *

*When coming to look at a potential adoption please print out the Release and Liability Form and bring it with you even if you are looking at a companion horse. If you are adopting a rideable horse, you must have one signed in order to ride the horse here at the rescue. Thank you for your understanding. *

The Website is currently being updated please give us a week to completely update it. Check back on October 11,2022 please to see if we could possibly have your forever friend! Thank you for your understanding.

Leilani Mae Lindgren

This rescue is named after my late Mother, Leilani Mae Lindgren; Animal Advocate July 6, 1943 – June 25, 2000. My mom never walked by animal abuse or neglect. she would take action, many times embarrassing me. She also loved horse. She rode a black Percheron (Ole Joe) to grade school 2-3 miles each day during Spring and Fall from the farm in East Grand Forks, MN in the early 50’s. My mother had a rough life growing up, physically and mentally, but always took care of the animals. She often spoke to Ole Joe, he must have helped her through her childhood. If she had the means she would have had a horse/animal rescue, that is for sure. She taught me compassion and respect for animals and nature. She passed away at 55 years old just 10 days before her 56th birthday from Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She was half Chippewa Indian. Miss you and love you. – Deborah Gillis

Leilani Mae Lindgren
Leilani Mae Lindgren