Merci – Learning How to Trust Humans – In Need of Sponsors

Merci is 15-year-old Quarter Horse Mare who stands at 14.2 hands. She was originally in a kill pen here in North Carolina, but no one had bid on her, so she was sent to the Sexton Kill Pen in Tennessee. When we bailed her, it was her last night before she was shipped to Slaughter.  It was time for her to have a second chance at life and never see the inside of a kill pen again! She is extremely pregnant, there were 3 other pregnant mares, that we hope were rescued. In the description it says she is bred to a Black Quarter Horse Stud. She arrived here to the rescue on November 14, 2020 where we realized she is dangerously skinny.  Without her winter coat and her pregnant belly, she would without a doubt be a 2 on the body scale. With her being this skinny we will not palpate her to check on how far along she is for two reasons. The first reason is it could add more stress that she is already have from jumping kill pen to kill pen to here now and we do not want to throw her into premature labor. We will be keeping a close eye on her daily for any symptoms showing that she is going into labor.  She is in our foaling stall, but we do let her out with Penny our other recent rescue to stretch her legs! Sadly, being in this condition she is lacking the nutrients she will need when she starts nursing her newborn, so we are giving her mare & foal supplements. We are making sure she will have enough nutrients to have a healthy strong baby! Upon arrival she was extremely skittish like many who leave from the kill pen in a few days once she truly relaxes and settle in her personality will start to blossom. We have learned that she is not pregnant but she is still not 100% trusting of us so we’re working on that and possibly giving her a riding evaluation. We will adopt her out when she has a better feel for humans and understand that no one will hurt her again.

To follow Merci’s progress please check out our Facebook Page and or our Instagram Page. If you’re interested in adopting Merci please fill the form out below or call (904)236-8928. We are taking applications for potential adopters but she will not be adopted out until her baby is weaned and she receives a soundness and riding evaluation.

If you would to be a sponsor for Merci please sign up for your reoccurring monthly donations using PayPal or Venmo. Recommended donations amounts are $25, $50, $75, or $100 (Full Sponsorship). You can also adjust the amount to how much you want to donate. Singular bequests are also welcomed!

Merci – Learning How to Trust Humans- In Need of Sponsors