Art of Rocknroll – Rehabilitating – In Need of Sponsors!!

“Art of Rocknroll” is an 18 year old Standardbred Gelding who stands at 16 hands. His U.S. Trotting name is “Art of Rocknroll” but we currently decided to call him Rock for now until we rename him. During his racing career he performed 96 starts earning almost $25,000 for his owner. Sadly, after his racing career was over, he found himself where no horse belongs, in a kill pen. He ended up in a kill pen in Pennsylvania where he met his new friend “Mack Ten” who is also a Standardbred Gelding that we saved. A huge thank you to Standardbred Retirement Foundation who spared both of their lives by bailing them out the horrific kill pen. Rock arrived here at the rescue on November 6, 2021, at 11pm. He was skittish and was not sure of what was happening upon arrival but having Mack Ten by his side they were ready to turn the next page in their next chapter of life! Now that they have settled in, we are started the rehabilitation process to make them happy healthy horses! They are learning what love is from our wonderful volunteers and what great meals are. Once Rock is fully rehabilitated, he will receive a soundness and riding evaluation to ensure that he is sound. He seemed to be sound from his kill pen video but sometimes they seem sound but in the end they are lame. We will update his page once we get to learn more about his personality and how he is!

To follow Rock n Roll ’s progress please check out our Facebook Page and or our Instagram Page. For adoption information fill the form out below or call 904-236-8928. We will take in applications for Rock n Roll’s adoption but he will need to be fully rehabilitated and receive a riding evaluation before considering any applications. If you’re interested in adopting Rock n Roll please fill a form out below or call (904)236-8928.

If you would like to be a sponsor for Rock n Roll please sign up for your reoccurring monthly donations using PayPal. Recommended donations amounts are $25, $50, $75, or $100 (Full Sponsorship). You can also adjust the amount to how much you want to donate. Singular bequests are also welcomed!

Art of RocknRoll – Rehabilitating – In Need of Sponsors!!