Waylon and Willie – Permanent Residents – Partially Sponsored by Vicki M. !!

Waylon and Willie are both Belgian Geldings who saved the same hard life. We believe that they started out as Amish horses as their first career. Once they were no longer able to pull the heavy loads they ended up in a Kill Pen. A therapy program bailed them out and used them in their program. They started to slow down so the therapy program decided to take them to dump them back at a Kill Pen. They saw the Kill Pen twice in their life and it is unfair to how they were treated. They arrived here at the rescue on August 2,2021 a little nervous but ready for new adventures standing by each other’s side. They are greatly bonded and will not do anything alone expect for when Waylon does pony rides Willie doesn’t care too much for them. They are both absolute sweethearts even after all they have been through. We are keeping them permanent residents so they can live their days out here knowing nothing but love and good food! We were told that they 14 and 16 years old but Willie who is the smaller one seems to be older than that. We tend to use Waylon for pony rides as he is extremely calm and seems to enjoy it. In the video it shows the day they arrived here at the rescue, where they will now know only love and good food! We are still learning their personalities but will continue to update their page when we learn more!

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They are partially sponsored by Vicki M who kindly enough donates several bags of feed for them.!!

Waylon and Willie – Permanent Residents – Partially Sponsored by Vicki M.!!