Rocky – Permanent Resident – In Need of Sponsors

Rocky is a 19-year-old Off-the-Track Thoroughbred Gelding who stands at 16.2 hands. Rocky’s Jockey Club name is “Karakorum Rock”. Once he was done with his two careers, he ended up in the Slaughter Pipeline. He was saved from a Kill Pen here in North Carolina. The first few weeks after arriving here at the rescue he was extremely scared to come out of his stall, it was his safe place. Now he goes out for a few hours if his friend Mocha, the Quarter Horse, is out with him. Rocky is a sweet with a kind demeanor, you will never catch him be mean to any horse. He loves to follow you because he loves attention. Brushing is his favorite kind of affection. He is a real calm collective horse who just appreciates life to the fullest. Rocky is a talkative horse, especially with his friend Mocha. He has been taking a little longer for rehabilitation but he 100% now! He is rideable but we will not be riding him much because he has severe arthritis, he is on previcox to help his pain. Since he had much a hard life before coming to the rescue he is now a permanent resident to live his rest of his days in retirement and happiness!

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Rocky -Permanent Resident – In Need of Sponsors