Zues – Ready for Adoption – Rideable

Zues is an 8-year-old Paint Gelding who is standing at 14.2 hands. He arrived as a Cyptorchid which means one testicle dropped while the other is still in the abdomen. Many people remove the dropped testicle and label the horse as a “Gelding”, but they fail to realize the testicle still in the abdomen is continuing to produce hormones making the horse have studdish ways. Many cyptorchids end up in a kill pen because no one wants to pay for the procedure to be done. Thankfully, his previous owner contacted us before Zues could end up anywhere else. FUN FACT: Did you know that cryptorchidism is mostly genetically passed down. He went to NC State Veterinary School where we discovered he only had one testicle. Zues got his name from his strong powerful personality and he is not afraid to show it. He arrived at the rescue in February 2020 as a starvation case. Zues had shoes on, you could tell they were on for months and months. When the shoes were removed you could see that Zues was relieved of pain. When arriving Zues came with another horse off the property. Sadly, his friend had to be put to sleep due to organ failure. Zues is slightly food aggressive due to his previous starvation. Zues had 2 sarcoids removed and several smaller ones froze. We are keeping an eye to make sure they do not grow back. Sarcoids can be either cancerous or noncancerous. We got them tested while he was at NC State Veterinary School and thank god, they aren’t cancerous. Zues is a sweet loving guy who is still learning how to accept love, it is clear he is trying but it will take some time. After performing a riding evaluation Zues is sound but will need an intermediate rider. He loves to talk to you when you bring him his grain from when he sees the bucket to you pouring it. He tends to show off by prancing around and making sure everyone is watching.

To follow Zeus’ progress please check out our Facebook page and or our Instagram Page. For adoption information fill the form out below or call 904-236-8928.

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Zeus – Ready for Adoption – Rideable