Turbo at auction

Turbo is a Tennessee Walking Horse, 30 something yrs old, who is Grandson of “The Pusher”.     Turbo was an Auction intercept at the Lumberton Auction where we bid against a kill buyer (Slaughter) and won the bid for $100.00 …His owner, who had the auction workers pick him up, did not attend the auction.  One of the young men working the auction told us, “If your are going to save one tonight, please save this one, ( pointing to Turbo), he is a neat horse,  real character”    Turbo was thin but we could see he had much life left in him.  As you can see, he transformed into a handsome guy.    Turbo is considered “Sanctuary” will live out his days here at the rescue, He still gives some of the younger horses a run for their money.   


Turbo – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven