Tommy – Rideable needs a Refresher -Fully Sponsored by Morgan H.!!

Tommy is a 5 year old Quarter Horse Gelding who stands at 14.2 hands. Tommy arrived here at the rescue on June 6, 2021 with Lupita, Precious, and Josie. They were a local surrender case which the previous owner wanted to make sure they would be well taken care of and were safe. She did the right thing for them. Tommy came with a tight halter on that had half a lead rope hanging from it. We took it off quickly because when he would walk around smelling the ground he would step on the lead line. Tommy came with only one eye, the other eye is still in the socket but has no vision. He had bad teeth to the point he needed immediate surgery on a molar. His molar had an abscess that was at least 3 inches down in his gum, luckily our equine dentist was able to remove it successfully. It took him not only out of pain but improved his chewing. He did arrive with trust issues as he wasn’t fond of human touch. Volunteers would even try to lure him with grain but the trust issues were so high he wouldn’t fall for it. He was grown mentally and isn’t scared of human touch anymore. He is still learning to fully trust human touch but we’re proud of his progress. He hasn’t been ridden in a while so he will need a refresher before being adopted out. With him only having one eye he is a well mannered horse. In the video he is playing with Buddy who is a permanent resident here. Buddy came from the same place just arrived a few months before Tommy and the crew. We made sure it was only playing and no form of fighting. Now that we know they are just playing it’s hilarious to watch!

To follow Tommy’s progress please check out our Facebook page.  For adoption information fill the form out down below or call 904-236-8928.

Tommy is fully sponsored by Morgan H.!!

Tommy – Rideable – Fully Sponsored by Morgan H.!!