Sweet Candy Man – Adopted to His Forever Home!!

Sweet Candy Man is a 13-year-old Off-the-Track Thoroughbred who stands at 16.1 hands. His Jockey Club name is “Sweet Candy Man” it just kind of stuck to him. He arrived here at the rescue on December 10, 2019 as a 1 on the body scale. He was saved from a kill pen in North Carolina. When he first arrived, we thought he was dumped because he might have arthritis. When the vet came to check on his condition, he had swelling on all his legs from where he was standing in deep mud causing skin infections. He was limping, part of that was his hooves were way over do. He was in desperate need of teeth floating so it was hard for him to try and eat the grain. Sadly, he wasn’t allowed to get his teeth floated right away because he was so underweight, his body would not have been able to take the sedation. Once he gained enough weight, we got his teeth floated. Once that was complete, we saw progress happening quickly it was almost like night and day. He started to trot around with a great big happy attitude, we truly believe he knows that he is a good-looking horse! Once he was rehabilitated, we thought he was sound and would be fine to ride since he runs, bucks, and plays around with Iffy and Zues. We tacked him up all, yes, he did look handsome with it on to do a riding evaluation. As soon as you put weight in the saddle, he would immediately try to lightly buck you off. It was not an extreme buck; it was enough to tell you to get off without hurting anyone. We quickly learned that he has kissing spine turning him into a companion horse. He is sweet, kind, and loving! Sweet Candy Man is looking for his loving forever home! Sweet Candy Man sure loves to be the center of attention and if he isn’t, he will do something to gain your attention. Sweet Candy Man was adopted to a wonderful forever home. We hope you make great memories with your new owner!

Sweet Candy Man – Pending Adoption !!