Meet permanent resident, Sarah, a 17-year-old, 18.2 hand Belgian.  Sarah is in need of a sponsor and thinks that you would be perfect!  Sarah is an ex-Amish work horse.  When she was no longer useful to her owners, they shipped her off to a kill pen and she landed in the slaughter pipeline. Fortunately she made it out of the slaughter pipeline alive, and Sarah now calls the rescue home.

You might have noticed that Sarah is a bit on the “big and curvy” side, but she is a gentle giant.  “Big Sarah”, as we affectionately call her, has a condition called Chronic Progressive Lymphedema (CPL).  So far the condition only effects her hind legs.  CPL is a chronic progressive disease that starts at an early age, progresses throughout the life of the horse, and often ends in disfigurement and disability of the legs.  CPL inevitably ends a horse’s life prematurely.  Sarah is treated with medication and she is doing well.

Big Sarah could sure use a couple of sponsors for her care. She is two horses in one!   Please come out and visit this gorgeous, curvy Belgian.

All of our horses are cared for through the donations and volunteer work of fine and caring people. The average cost of feed per horse per month is $100. (For Sarah it is nearly $200) If you would like to be a monthly sponsor for Sarah, please use the form below. Single bequests are also greatly appreciated.






Sarah – Permanent Resident In Need Of Sponsors~