This is Pops.  He is a gorgeous liver chestnut Quarter Horse gelding who is approximately 25 years old.  Pops arrived at the rescue in February 2016.  This poor, old ‘fella has not had an easy life and his scars and behavior tell the tale.  Although he came to us shy and afraid of people, he has warmed up to us, and has turned out to be a total sweetheart!

Unfortunately Pops has a few health issues due to his age and lack of previous care.  Pops has teeth issues and his teeth have been ground down by both nature and lack preventative care.  Pops must be fed mash a few times a day, along with the little bit of hay he manages to swallow, which usually results in dropped quibs (rolls of wet hay) which end up on the ground or in the water troughs.  Pops also suffers from arthritis and you can hear his joints click and creak as he carefully navigates around the barn and pastures.


Pops – Rest In Paradise*