Phoenix – Ready for Adoption – Companion Horse (Pending Adoption!!)

Phoenix is a 17-year-old Appaloosa Arabian cross Gelding who stands at 14.3 hands. Phoenix has dropped Pasterns, having dropped pasterns is genetically not something someone has done to him. To keep him pain free he is a companion horse. He was saved from a person who was overweight riding him while he was starved. Animal Control was involved in investigating why he was so emaciated. They cannot take animals before giving the owner a chance to change their ways. Well Phoenix’s owner planned to shoot him because it is legal in the state of North Carolina because horses are considered livestock. He was going to shoot Phoenix to avoid paying the $100 Animal Control Fine. He is a real sweetheart who adores kids and is always looking for attention. If he wants attention, he will find you and just look at you until you give in and start petting him. He will just stand there so relaxed when you brush him or just show him love. He loves to follow you around when you are in his pasture. He will bob his head when you ask him questions like “Phoenix are you hungry?”. You just must put the time in showing him you will not hurt him. Once he realizes that and decides to trust you, you will have a big baby on your hands! He is a kindhearted horse who will make anyone happy.

Phoenix – Ready For Adoption – Companion Horse (Pending Adoption!!)