Penny – Rideable Just Needs Training – Fully Sponsored by Qywn J!!

Penny or “Sweet Penny” is a 7-year-old Mare who stands at 14.2 hands, she will add some inches to her heights when she starts gaining some muscle. Penny was a local surrender case that we cannot go into details for legal reasons. She arrived here at the rescue on October 28,2020 very emaciated with being less than a 1 on the body scale and scared. Sadly, this is how many of our horses come in but with some TLC and love she will soon become the best version of herself. It is extreme that we add the weight on her slowly to ensure that she gains weight safely, she is feed 6 mash meals a day. As she gained weight slowly, we would decrease the number of times we feed her grain. She receives grain 3 times a day because now she cannot eat hay because her teeth are in critical need of a teeth floating. She is finally having enough weight on her to be safely sedated. She still has a way to go to be at the right size with muscles, but she continues to have great progress! She has received a riding evaluation and we were informed incorrectly about her training level. She was not trained previously. She took a bit and a saddle very well and did not try to do anything. She was very calm but just did not want to move. We will continue to try to work with her and she will possibly need to go to our trainer. She will need a rider who weighs less than 120lbs because she is a smaller built horse. Penny is looking for her forever home! Her body weight is not the only thing that was rehabilitated but her personality also. She is such a sweetheart with a little spunk when we let her out in the round pen to move her legs around. She loves meeting the horses through the round pen. She was extremely scared when she arrived, but many people have been coming to see her to show her what love is, she adores all the love and affection she has been getting. She loves to ask for attention especially if could lead to a good brushing! She quickly snatched up a wonderful sponsor who is fully sponsoring Thank you Gywn J!

To follow Penny’s progress please check out our Facebook Page and or our Instagram Page. If your interested in adopting Penny please fill the form out below or call (904)236-8928.

Penny – Rideable Just Needs Training – Full Sponsorship by Qywn J!