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Nevada Twist also known as Nevada is a 17 year old BLM Mustang. Nevada was captured from BLM at the age of 9 year old. Nevada is a man’s man. He loves to hang out in the garage with his buds, maybe have a few beers and watch the game. He is the toughest of the tough, and it probably has to do with his hometown out West in the wild. Since he was captured at an older age he wasn’t trainable,  so his owner kept him in a chicken coop for several months, he developed COPD.  He has been here at the rescue for 8 years where he slowed gained our trust, somehow incurred a hip fracture around August 2019. We watched him closely as he is alpha the leader of the back pasture. He had to put him in a stall to make sure he wouldn’t injury it more. When he first put him in the stall he was already banging on the door wanting out. After a few weeks he stopped banging on the door which wasn’t him he was always wanting his way, when you looked at his face you could see was depressed and sad because of his injury. He was immediately put on pain killers and he received physical therapy to help heal his muscles. He seem to be improving so he let him back out to his pasture he was so happy it was a wonderful sight to see. In December his progress dropped significantly to the point he wouldn’t leave the hay ring not even for water. We would walked buckets of water and feed out to him to make sure he was still good. One day I went to go out and feed him by the hay ring but he didn’t want to eat his grain. So we gave him a feast meal which consisted of Seniority and Kalm Ultra (he used to steal this from other horses when he was injury free) since he only got Seniority. Once he ate that he gave the look that it was time, he went to heaven a day after Christmas in 2019. We decided to bury him in his pasture because it will always be his pasture. We tend to clashed but I always respect you. We love you Nevada!


Nevada – Crossed The Rainbow Bridge To Heaven