Mocha – Currently at Training – In Need of Sponsors

Mocha is a 10-year-old Appaloosa who stands at 14 hands. Mocha was rescued from a resident here in North Carolina. She was extremely emaciated, but she showed the will to live! When she was rescued, she was in a pasture with a stud for 3 months, so she has a high chance of being in foal. We are watching close for any signs of a possibility of her being in foal. We got her a pregnancy tested and it has been confirmed that she is not pregnant. When she first arrived, she did not want to leave her stall if you let her out in the pasture she would just stand in front of her stall. After being here for a few months she has let her personality blossom and she explores the pasture more. She loves to follow you around everywhere you go it is funny to watch. In the month of October, she started to act funny as she did not want that much attention and tend to lay down more than normal. In the month of November, we found her laying down of her side we were so worried about her. That is when we got the vet out here as soon as possible when determined that she has Colitis. Colitis is the inflammation of the lining in the colon which can be caused by many things. Her Colitis was so severe she was on Bio Sponge, Omeprazole/sucralfate and buscapan to help calm her symptoms. She was only allowed to eat small amounts of 100% warm soaked alfalfa with no form of hay. She wasn’t happy with this diet that she had for a few days but doing all of this help save her! She is 100% recovered from it but when adopted out she will need to be with only one or two horses in a pasture. Mocha received 30 days of professional training from Jim Thomas at Bar T Ranch. Jim said that Mocha does better going on trail rides compared to ring work. She is a sweet horse that has a little dash of sassiness but that makes her Mocha.

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Mocha – Rideable – In Need of Sponsors