Joker – Rideable – Fully Sponsored by Stephanie W.!!

Joker is a 7-year-old BLM Mustang Gelding who stands at 15 hands. He is from Horse Management in Oregon. We think he may have some draft in him. Joker had 60 days of professional training but that was almost 3 years ago. The trainer was not fit to train a horse like Joker so Joker will have to be retrained. Joker will need to go to Bar T Ranch where the trainer Jim Thomas understand the Mustang breed. Joker is an extremely intelligent horse who knows how to get his way! He is quite clever when he wants to bust open a feed bag when unloading, or get into the feed room, and sneaking over with other horses when we are feeding. Even though he can be a hand full you can never stay mad at him because he will it make it up to you by being cute! He loves to play in the water especially in the pond where he can splash as much as he wants to. He loves people and is always seeking attention. His name fits him well as he is the “class clown”. He loves to work the other horses up and start running around just to have fun. He needs one on one; mustangs are more of a one person only horse compared to multiple riding. He does not have a mean bone in his body. Joker is looking for his one loving person forever home! The biggest thing is gaining his trust.

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Joker is fully sponsored by Stephanie W.!

Joker – Rideable – Fully Sponsored by Stephanie W.!!