Demi – Ready for Adoption – Companion Horse 

Demi is a 9-year-old Registered Paint Mare who stands at 15 hands. Her previous owner had asked this older couple if they would board her at their place for a few months. It became way longer than expected and the owner barely came out. The couple was struggling to keep her taken care of. Demi had injured her knee where she was located. It was very hilly so she might have slipped or something. Her owner called the vet out but could not afford for something to have been done. She was alone with no other horses to keep her company. The rescue was called to help intercept her from going to auction because she would have ended up at Slaughter. Demi has had her knee injury for quite a while now. She should have had some x- rays done and properly cared for, that could have let Demi heal from it somewhat or completely. At this point she has arthritis in all three areas of joints. She is thankfully out of pain since she has been put on previcox. She can run around with the other horses but not for a long period of time. She can never be ridden again because of her knee but could do a little amount of pony rides for little kids. She tends to be a little hangry when it comes to feeding time but once she gets fed, she is a calm happy horse. Demi currently has a partial sponsorship by Reagan S!

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If you would like to be a sponsor for Demi please sign up for your reoccurring monthly donations using PayPal. Recommended donation amounts are $25, $50, $75, or $100 (Full Sponsorship). You can also adjust the amount to how much you want to donate. Singular Bequests are also welcomed!

Demi – Ready For Adoption – Companion Horse