Cumunjo – Permanent Resident – In Need of Sponsors

Cumunjo is his USTA racing name but he is better known as “JoJo” a 24-year-old Standardbred X Amish Road Horse Gelding who stands at 15.3 hands. JoJo would be the horse you see pulling the black buggy near Amish communities. The average workload would be a 10 to 20 miles each way trip, every day, and at a fast pace/trot. Once the Amish was done with him, he ended up in Slaughter located in Pennsylvania, thankfully he was saved by kind people. He would have been sold directly to a kill buyer or taken to an auction where the kill buyer won the bid. He has a permanent indent on his nose from the Amish “tie-down” method which is so restrictive that the horse cannot move normally. He has worked so hard his physical features look much older than what he is. He really is not a people person horse; he only wants people attention when he is hungry. When waiting for his feed to be prepared he does a little dance. Once he eats his morning grain he wants to be on his own with Hans by his side. We still love him even if he is a grumpy old man!

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Cumunjo – Permanent Resident – In Need Of Sponsors