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Casa Nova is a hopeless romantic. Although he is only 6 years old and an Arabian Cross, he is ready to find the one.

His last relationship was pretty rough on him. They neglected him and never spent the time he deserved. He was so devoted to the relationship that it took one of his buddies at Animal Control to convince him to leave. Needless to say for a while he was a bit broken hearted.

He started taking up some hobbies to get over his last relationship, such as going through 30 days professional training. He is proud that he is completely broke to ride, and is excited to offer his new relationship that amazing skill he has worked so hard to perfect.

Casa Nova loves hang out and watch movies, but also loves long romantic rides together. He also loves to cuddle and will always greet you from a long day at work.

This handsome guy won’t be on the market for long, so be sure to snag this good guy today!

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Casanova – Adopted To His Forever Home