Candy Kane – Permanent Resident – Fully Sponsored by Nancy!

Candy Kane with a K is a 25-year-old Quarter Horse Mare who stands at 14.3 hands. She was a former show horse with her stunning beauty. She has the classic 4 white socks and a white blaze. Candy was rescued from Slaughter around Christmas of 2018. We believe that she ended up in Slaughter due to having laminitis making her unable to show anymore. Since she could not show anymore her owner was done with her and then dumped her. She came extremely skinny. She does occasionally receive heaves during the springtime. It is sort of like COPD or asthma in humans, we help her by giving her a low amount of dexamethasone. For the longest we thought she was deaf, but we discovered she did not by playing horse noises because she responds back, meaning she has selective hearing. We pray that one day she will be okay enough to lead line kids around the farm, but we will never push her if she is not ready. To help her we give her hoof supplements to help build a stronger hoof and when she limps when she is in pain, we give her bute. We are giving her special shoes to help release pressure off her hooves and make her more comfortable.

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Candy Kane – Permanent Resident – Fully Sponsored by Nancy G!