Bubba – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

Bubba is a 18 year old Quarter Horse Gelding who stands at 15.2 hands. Bubba was a local rescue here in Linden, his owner had surrendered him. He was abandoned in a field 6 miles from the rescue. Bubba was our third rescue back in 2011 after Nevada Twist (Rest in Paradise) and Princess (Adopted). When he first arrived he had EPM, a clear sign of EPM that he had was a droopy lip. His droopy lip is how he got his name along with his large old foundation Quarter Horse build. He was treated with EPM but his lip never went back up. He had a shoulder injury that healed itself over a couple years. Bubba was adopted out once again to a local who live in Liden but he was returned in early 2018 due to the owner’s failing health. When he arrived his shoulder was bothering him again. We decided to let him live his life out here, not to re-home for a 3rd time especially with an injury, he had to be a companion horse now. Bubba had been bonded with JoJo before so their friendship rekindled making JoJo happy again as well. One of their rotations for feeding was JoJo, Hans, and Bubba who hung out together. Everyday Bubba would try to pull JoJo feed bowl to his feed bowl making us having to watch him. This morning Bubba did not come, he had done this before staying at the hay to eat in peace for a while. So I thought nothing of it but when I went to go check on him he was laying down, I thought he was colicing. I ran and grabbed a shot of Banamine, gave him the shot and tried to get him up. I was horrified to see that his front leg was fractured on the same side as the old shoulder injury. We originally thought he was kicked/ fell wrong but we later found a sink hole near the perimeter of the property. We love you Bubba!

Bubba- Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven