Bonnie Blue – Permanent Resident – In Need of Sponsors

Bonnie Blue is a 30 year old Arabian who was saved from slaughter by bidding against a kill buyer at auction in December of 2016. She was 27 year old when she was rescued. A very high percentage (over 90%) of senior horses sent to auction will be won by a kill buyer and sent to slaughter in Canada or Mexico. She was most likely a show horse in her prime and she is still quite the diva. She doesn’t tend to leave the barn much. Bonnie only has a couple teeth left so she receives only wet Senior food and a High – Fat feed to make sure she can maintain her weight along with full time access to hay. She loves to be brushed if you would brush her all day long she would certainly let you. She is apart of our Oldies but Goldies sections but don’t worry they still receive all the love in the world! Her sidekick in crime is Lily the Pony, ever since Lily has arrived at the rescue they have been inseparable. Bonnie can be adopted out as a companion horse but Lily the Pony will have to be adopted as well they cannot be separated.

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Bonnie Blue – Permanent Resident – In Need Of Sponsors