Bonnie Blue is a 28yr old Arabian who was saved from slaughter by bidding against a kill buyer at auction in December of 2016. Bonnie is considered a Sanctuary Resident due to her special diet of mash since due to heath issues that prevent her from eating hay very well.

We can tell that she was a show horse most of her life, and she is still quite the deva, but a really sweet deva. She has found a particular friend in our 25yr old pony resident, Lily, two old Dames together.

Bonnie Upon Arrival

Bonnie certainly did not deserve to be sent to auction. A very high percentage (over 90%) of senior horses sent to auction will be won by a kill buyer and sent to slaughter in Canada or Mexico. She had served humans for all those years and auction is what she received. We are so glad to give her the quiet, peaceful retirement that she deserves.




All of our horses are cared for through the donations and volunteer work of fine and caring people. The average cost of feed per horse per month is $100. If you would like to be a monthly sponsor for Bonnie Blue, please use the form below. Single bequests are also greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Blue – Permanent Resident In Need Of Sponsors*