Big Mack – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

Big Mack is a Belgium Gelding who was saved from a Kill Pen in Pennsylvania. He worked his life as plow horse until he could no longer handle the work load. Big Mack was severely founded when he came. Due to the founder and arthritis it caused, he will be a permanent resident. He is seen by a specialty farrier. While he still faces challenges, he has been recovering well. Big Mack recovered from being foundered after 8 months of being treated for founder, he still had some arthritis. He got to live two more strong years of walking and trotting living a best life, everyone was in shock when he trotted for the first time! Sadly arthritis got the best of him.  We was a gentle kind horse who everyone adored. We love you Big Mack!

Big Mack- Crossed The Rainbow Bridge To Heaven