Bently, aka “Message From Mom”, is a 10-yr-old, 16 hand Standardbred.  Bently came to the rescue on June 22, 2016 and we have very little history on him.  We’re not sure if he was an Amish Buggy horse after racing, but he does appear to be sound.  Bently had all 4 road shoes on and those shoes had been on for a long time.  Thankfully our awesome farrier, Joe G., removed the road shoes.  Bently was such a patient boy for the farrier with wonderful ground manners!  It took the farrier about an hour and a half to take all four road shoes off and trim his hooves.  Each borium shoe had at least 7-9 nails in them!  Bently is gong to make someone a very nice horse after he gains a bit of weight.  We know he drives, he will be evaluated for riding after he has gained some weight.  Bently was saved from being sold to kill buyers (Tarheel Feed Lot) by Helen V. and her donors.  We are so thankful to them for saving this beautiful boy!  (Photos L to R: Bentley with Farrier Joe G; Bentley on arrival;  Bentley on 9/7/2016; Bentley says “What’s Up?” 9/2016)

To follow Bently’s progress please check out our Facebook page.  For adoption information contact Leilani Mae Horse Rescue using the form below or by phone at 910-502-2088

Bently – Ready For Adoption – Companion Horse*