Aria – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

Aria is a super sweet 21-year-old Appendix mare. She was an ex-illegal racing horse and was saved from NC. Due to injuries from EPM, Aria is companion only. Aria is super sweet and loves to hang out with people. She is great with other horses but has a slight hind leg problem (reaching) left over from the EPM.

Update November 2, 2016 – The rescue had an unexpected very sad day.  It is with a very heavy heart we must tell you that our very special Appendix “Aria”, registered name “Catch Me Cowboy”, crossed over into heaven at 1:30 pm this afternoon with the help of Dr. Nevins of (AHOF).  I had noticed Aria, our 23-year-old Appendix mare, had started separating herself from the rest of the horses a few days ago and she was sitting down more often.  When Aria arrived two and a half years ago, with a number of problems from the neglect she had suffered.  Her health issues included bad hooves, lice, EPM, infections, and she arrived at the rescue with a body condition of 1 out of 9 on the Henneke Body Condition Scale. The EPM effected the left side of her body, and over the last 2.5 years Aria was treated twice for EPM.  Sadly this time the disease came back fast and furious…and totally unexpected and she had been doing so well.  Today she could not stand more than a few minutes at a time – the paralysis was too much for her. I felt so bad and poor Aria did not understand what was happening.  I wondered why she did not eat this morning and found that her mouth had become paralyzed. Thank you Deborah R., Tina H., Grace B., and Megan B. for comforting Aria and showing her love.  We love you Aria! May God bless you, sweet girl, for now you are free.  May you run in the green pastures of heaven forever. We love you Aria!

Aria – Crossed The Rainbow Bridge To Heaven