Amazing Grace – Adopted to Her Forever Home

Amazing Grace better known as “Gracie” is a 13 year old BLM Mustang Mare who stands at 14 hands. Gracie arrived to the rescue in August 2015. Gracie was rescued from a Kill Pen in Mississippi when she was bailed she was also quarantined in Mississippi the first picture is shown. Gracie had a baby in this condition and we strongly believe she lost her baby in the Kill pen. When she was still dripping milk when she was picked up from the Kill pen. Gracie was sick with shipping fever along with being only a 1 on the body scale. She spent 10 days at Shelby’s house to gain some strength then she was transported here to the rescue. It was a little bit harder to rehabilitate due to her giving birth while being extremely emaciated. Once she was fully rehabilitated she had a riding evaluation and was adopted out not long after. Sadly she was returned back to the rescue no fault of hers. She was here for two more years when finally she found her forever home. She was adopted by a veteran and will be used by the Mustangs & Patriots Project!

Amazing Grace – Adopted To Her Forever Home