Aladdin – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

Aladdin is a 9-year-old Arabian Gelding who stands at 14.1 hands. Aladdin and his 24-year-old Arabian Mare friend were dropped off at a nice older couple’s farm 3 years ago, promised of being picked up. He was supposed to be picked up in a month they never returned. The couple tried to take care of both, the older Arabian Mare had to be put to sleep leaving Aladdin to become lonely. Aladdin went straight to training from the older couple’s house. Aladdin was very thin, matted, and plagued with worms. He was so matted so one knew what kind of breed he was. Once receiving much needed medical attention and loving care, we discovered he is a stunning Arabian. He has received 30 days of professional training with John Clark, John told us he only needs hoof correction on one. Well, he got his hoof x-rays and that is when we discovered that he cannot be ridden anymore to make ensure that he is pain free. Sadly, eventually Aladdin’s coffin bone will go through his hoof wall. This will make him septic, and he would need to be put to sleep. He is currently doing great! You can tend to catch Aladdin playing with anyone who will play with him, no matter how much bigger they are compared to him. Majority of the time Aladdin and Johnny Walker play all day running around the pasture having the best time. Aladdin is currently on hoof supplements to try to build his hoof wall as strong as possible to keep him going. He loves to be talked to, brushed, and just petting. This is assurance for him knowing that is safe and in a place, who loves him. He recently became best friends with Johnny Walker since they were together during their rehabilitation process. He had EPM in December 2020 and was treated with a strong 30-day EPM medication that did wonders for him, as he recovered from EPM and is doing great! Aladdin was improving wonderfully with his hoof but sadly on the 14th of July Aladdin coliced. When he was found he had no gut sounds. Dr. Burkhurt came fast to tubed him and give him IV in hopes it would pass. Sadly this wasn’t enough for him and he passed. He was a sweet horse who had the funniest personality. He was the true definition of a horse with a dog personality! Aladdin was fully sponsored by Olivia J. We love you Aladdin!

Aladdin – Companion Horse – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven