ashton.girl.hug.SMWe are looking for safe, kind, forever homes to adopt or foster horses from our program.  If you would be interested in adopting or fostering a horse you can use the download buttons to view, download and print the adoption application, adoption contract, and foster contract.  If you would like to speak to someone about fostering or adopting a horse from LMHR please contact us.

Deb Gillis, LMHR President at 904-236-8938 or 910-502-2088

Adoption Application Download Adoption Contract Download Foster Contract

Please be aware that there are Adoption Fees which help to cover the cost of operation at Leilani Mae. All fees will be used in the future care of our rescue horses. Adoption fees are set individually by horse and situation, and can be discussed by calling or emailing about the specific horse that you are interested in adopting. If you would like more information about adopting or fostering, calling is always best, but if that is not possible you can email us using the form below.

Please consider donating or covering the cost of these much needed items:

For Our Feed    *Tribute Seniority    *Tribute Kalm N’ Easy    *Tribute Kalm Ultra     *Tribute Senior Sport    *Tribute Finish K     *Shredded Beet Pulp   For Our Hay    *Coastal Bermuda Round Bales    *Round Hay Rings    For Our Treats    *Low Sugar Treats    *Oat Treats for Senior Horses    *Mineral/Salt Blocks    For Our Stalls    *Bedding/Shavings – Tractor Supply (Yellow Bag)    *Stall Mats     *Plastic Manure Forks     For Our Comfort    *Blankets    *Halters     *Fly Bags     For Our Humans    *Heavy-Duty Wheel Barrows    *Large Tubs or Storage Bins    For Our Health    *NuStock for Wounds    *Vet Wrap    *First Aid Supplies    *Joint Supplements    For Our Training    *Round Pen Panels