Wildfire, a 7-year-old, 14.3 hand, BLM Mustang (3rd Strike), lived wild and free for his first five years of life. He didn’t need a humans because he most likely had his own band (family).  Wildfire’s first contact with humans occurred when BLM captured him. He was crudely gelded, with little anesthesia and no pain medication.  Wildfire took much longer than usual to gentle. He is very smart, but needs a gentle hand to think things through. Wildfire received thirty days of professional training from a Natural Mustang trainer.  On May 8, 2016 Wildfire was adopted by Lexus Darrigan. Lexus developed a strong bond with Wildfire. For weeks Lexus came to the rescue to work with him, and we were so impressed with the work she did! Lexus and Wildfire will have a wonderful life together, and happy endings like this make all of the blood, sweat and tears worth it! For information on our adoptable horses, please contact Leilani Mae Horse Rescue by phone, email, text or Facebook.


Wildfire – Adopted To His Forever Home