Sasha – Adopted Out to Her Forever Home

Sasha is 4 year old Quarter Horse Mare who stands at 14.2 hands. Sasha came from the same place as Bubba. The previous owner, who had reportedly purchased her as a yearling, drove by the rescue with her on his trailer, he had lost his property and and stated that if we did not take her, he was going to drive her to the auction house. It’s a goal at LMHR to keep horses out of the auction pipeline before bad things happen, so she became part of the herd. Shortly after her arrival it became evident that her contact with people has been pretty limited. She was curious, but very shy and wasn’t really sure what people were around for. We worked with her on picking up her feet, and started doing some ground work to engage her mind. Sasha proved to be a quick learner and now likes to come check out the humans! Sasha worked hard and learned how to lunge in the round pen and yield her hindquarters nicely. She took a saddle and rider and being led around. 


Sasha – Adopted Out To Her Forever Home