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September 8, 2016 – Two horses, let down by greedy humans (Mare and Long Yearling), arrived from Texas today.  They were part of a Breeder’s “Mare and Foal Dump”, where 15 mares and their foals, were left at a Texas kill pen last month.  The X Brood Mare is 10-years-old, isn’t even fully halter broke, but she is trying so hard to be good.  Let’s pray she is not bred back again!  The Long Yearling Filly stayed under the care of potential adopter(s) for 30 days, but she was returned by the potential adopter(s) in this condition!  The Filly will be getting extra special nutrition to get her back on her growth track.  Leilani Mae Horse Rescue would also like to thank Carol McKay, and a lady named Athena, for giving these two horses a chance to live a safe and happy life.  Big THANKS to Clayton (shipper) for taking such good care of them during the long transport.

Since the rescue is full we contacted our neighbors down the road, Lynn C. and Joe, who stepped up for these two and took them into their care.  Both are experienced with horses and we know they will be loved and cared for.

Update September 12, 2016 – Wonderful fosters, Lynn and Joe, are doing an AWESOME job with the Mare and Long Yearling.  Joe and Lynn can now touch the once almost feral broodmare, named Jacklyn (Jackie).  The long yearling, named Heidi, now wants to be loved on too!  Heidi’s teeth were examined and determined that she is not even a year old.  Both horses had been running loose, in a brood mare pasture, before 15+ pairs (Mares and Foals) were dumped at a TX kill pen.  These two horses needed a safe place to land, when potential adopters backed out after bail had been paid.  Many thanks to Lynn and Joe for taking such wonderful care of Heidi and Jackie who have only been in foster care for only six days.  Both horses are on Alfalfa and a good nutritional growth feed.  Joe was even able to put their new halters on!

If you would like to donate Alfalfa to Heidi and Jackie, please contact Double LL Tack and Feed, 1217 Nc 55 W, Coats, NC 27521.  Double LL Tack & Feed Phone: (910) 897-7461

Jackie & Heidi – Adopted To Their Forever Home