Meet Dory, a 16-month-old, 14.2 hand filly who was saved from kill buyers, at the Lumberton Auction, on 9/19/2016.  Dory still has some growing to do and may make it to 15 hands.  She must have a light rider, due to her young age, and her bones have not fused completely – especially her spine.  At the auction Dory was ridden in the ring, without a bit, she did wonderful.  We can tell she was trained with fear and her adopter will need to continue her training. Dory is a sweetheart, and will be available for adoption soon.

Update 11/6/2016 – Dory, the 16-month-old filly we saved from the kill buyer at Lumberton horse auction was adopted last week by Dawn R. and her family! Dory will now get to be a little baby for bit, and be able to grow and be loved before continued training!  Many thanks to Dawn for opening her heart, and home, and providing Dory with a family of her own.

Dory – Adopted To Her Forever Home