Bessie and Poppy – Adopted to Their Forever Home!!

Bessie and Poppy are not the typical animal this rescue is known for rescuing as we rescue horses and donkeys. Emily M., our social media coordinator, found these sweet and malnourish babies on a Craigslist Ad. We jumped into action since Bessie (the mother) is extremely skinny to make sure she was fully rehabilitated. An individual who knew the owners contacted us letting us know that they are crossed bred with Longhorn, Brahman, and Hereford. With all these breeds crossed they are better known as Bramers which are bred to become bucking bulls. Bessie (the mother) does show more features towards the longhorn side while Poppy (the calf) is showing features of Brahman. We are not quite sure of their age as all we know is that the calf is still nursing. Poppy loves to play with the few Jolly Balls we have here at the rescue (which none of the horses show interest in but at least Poppy does!) They will both need to be adopted together like previously stated the baby is still nursing. We want these babies to enjoy life as cows and nothing more. They will only be adopted out as companion cows (no breeding or not to be meat). This will be stated in the contract from the rescue when adopted. They have a huge personality, and they are some funny characters to watch play. Bessie is becoming a little more playful now that she is adding on some weight. Bessie and Poppy found their forever home with Christy G.S. who help us with transportation! We do not have worry about them becoming human consumption, being overbred, or extremely milked. We are happy they received a forever ending with plenty of other cows.

Bessie and Poppy – Adopted to Their Forever Homes!!