Update December 2, 2016 – This past weekend was a great weekend and hard goodbye for 3 special horses from LMHR.  Ashton, a sweet 23-year-old former OTTB, was adopted by Melissa L. and her family, who also adopted Chip and Maggie!  What an amazing family to give three amazing horses a wonderful forever home.  Ashton, who only has sight in one eye, and his best friend Chip (Leopard Appy), are blessed to be able to spend the rest of their lives together enjoying peaceful retirement near Advance, NC.  Ashton and Chip, who is nearly blind, are best friends and each other’s eyes and comfort.  I have to say this trip was by far the best adoption case I have had with LMHR so far.  It’s tough to see them go but the joy you feel in your heart, when these horses step off the trailer into their new pasture, is why we do what we do!  To all our sponsors, volunteers, and people who donate – THANK YOU – you all had a hand in making this happy ending possible.  The truth is we can’t do amazing things like this without any of you.  Welcome home Chip, Ashton, and Maggie!  Nicole, LMHR Adoption Coordinator

Ashton is a sweet 23-year-old, 16.3 hand OTTB.  He only has one eye but it does not bother him.  Ashton is the most friendly, loveable horse you’d ever want to meet.  He will follow you around looking for attention!  Ashton is still looking for his forever companion home.   Ashton came to the rescue as a neglect case and was severely underweight, but is thriving now and doing very well. 

Ashton – Adopted To His Forever Home