Amazing Grace – September Horse-of-the-Month

Meet Amazing Grace (aka Gracie) a 9-year old, 14.2 hand BLM Mustang who once lived wild and free.  Grace arrived at the rescue in August 2015. The first picture (far left) was taken while Grace was in quarantine in Mississippi after she was rescued from a kill pen.  Grace had a baby in this condition and we believe her baby died in the kill pen.   Shelly Grantham Riley picked Grace up from the kill pen and she was still dripping milk.  Shelly prayed for two hours while driving to Grace home to her farm — praying Grace would still be alive upon arrival!  Grace was also sick with shipping fever and only measured a one (1) on the body condition scale.  Shelly’s prayers were heard and Amazing Grace made it through!  Grace spent ten days at Shelly’s farm to regain enough strength so she could then travel to our rescue.  It took us a bit longer than to rehabilitate Gracie because she had given birth in her emaciated condition.  After we got her on a re-feeding program, and evaluated by a veterinarian, we let her be for a few months during which time which we gained her trust.

On April 1, 2016 Grace was evaluated for her training level by Lisa Thomas, Fox Ridge Stables, Raeford, NC.  Grace took the saddle and a rider like it was nothing, but she didn’t have a great concept of lunging or giving to pressure.  Grace is a super sweet horse who is very willing to please.  She will make a great mount for an experienced rider who can continue her training.  Please contact us for more information about Grace.  This beautiful Mustang deserves a safe and loving forever home.

Amazing Grace – Adopted To Her Forever Home