Troy – Ready for Adoption – Companion Horse

Troy is a 17-year-old Standardbred Gelding who stands at 16 hands. Troy was a harness racer, his USTA name as “Sunset Acres Troy” who won over
$107,000.00. That amount of money came with the cost of being pin fired 90 times. You can find his pin fires on the back of his legs they are little white
dots. After retiring from racing he became an Amish buggy horse where he was later lamed. Troy has a permanent a front right wind puff and has arthritis. After trotting for 2 minutes he becomes sore and you can tell when he walks. To keep him comfortable and out of pain he is on previcox. Back in February Troy most likely scratched his eye on a piece of hay. The eye had become infected making him at high risk of losing his eye. We got a vet out quick who prescribed medication to help his eye. He thought the medicine was going to hurt and did not trust it, this led to struggle to give him the medicine. He needed to receive his medication every 2 hours and that was quite hard almost impossible while still running the rescue. Thankfully, Nicole from 2nd Chance to Dance Equine took him in her care for 2 weeks to get the infection under control. With her being able to do more hands on he quickly learned that the medicine would not hurt him. The infection was fungal and isolated itself in his cornea. The vet was able to open the cornea two layer so the blood vessel couldn’t reach it so the so it could help heal itself. Troy eye was saved, and he has all his vision without any being lost. He is still the sweet caring horse he was before this happened. He loves to be brushed and will make sure you keep your attention only on him.

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Troy – Ready For Adoption – Companion Horse