Power of a Moment or “Power” as we call him. Is a 11 yr old gelding, 15.3Hds Racing Standardbred.

In his time, Power won over $750,000 racing before retiring. Sadly, the original owners did not care where he went and he ended up with someone who looked only at his winning record and decided to race him again, unprepared for the circuit, causing an injury to his knee. Uncaring, he was simply entered into the slaughter pipeline, where Leilani Mae Horse Rescue stepped in, preventing his sale to a kill pen.

Power has a very nice demeanor and wonderful ground manner. Due to his arthritic knee however, he would be more appropriate as a companion horse. He is only able to be walked, leadline, with children. Anything more strenuous could cause further injury.

To follow Power’s progress please check out our Facebook page.  For adoption information contact Leilani Mae Horse Rescue using the form below or by phone at 910-502-2088

Power Of A Moment – Ready For Adoption – Companion Horse~