Laverne and Shirley – Rehabilitating – In Need of Sponsors

Laverne and Shirley were a surrender case here in North Carolina. We were contacted by their previous owners that they were moving, and they need to re-home these babies. It was a four-hour ride (2 hours each way) to pick them up. We brought them here to the rescue on March 31, 2021. Their original names were Flower and Priscilla, but we did not think that those names fit them quite well. It is very clear at some point Laverne was abused in her past and is very skittish. However, Shirley is very friendly and loves attention, she is willing to climb in your lap for treats and pets. They are very emaciated with both being a 2 on the body scale, currently they both have their winter coats. Laverne is very wormy as to why her stomach is large. Poor Shirley gave us a scarce because she was colicing so the vet had to come tubed her. Once she was tubed it allowed everything to pass through her system. They both will be dewormed, checked out by the vet, possible teeth floating, updated shots and coggins. They are finally ready for adoption as a bonded pair! They are super sweet horses that will only be companion horses (cannot be worked or ridden). Laverne is still learning to trust but slowly everyday she is building her confidence and wanting to explore more. As we get to learn their personalities and making milestones with them, we will update y’all.

To follow Laverne and Shirley’s progress please check out our Facebook and Instagram Page. If you’re interested in Laverne and Shirley as a bonded pair please fill the form out below or call (904)236-8928.

If you would to be a sponsor for Laverne and Shirley please sign up for your reoccurring monthly donations using PayPal. Recommended donations amounts are $25, $50, $75, or $100 (Full Sponsorship). You can also adjust the amount to how much you want to donate. Singular bequests are also welcomed!

Laverne and Shirley – Companion Horses – In Need of Sponsors