Lady Winner – Light Riding – In Need of Sponsors!

Lady Winner is a 20 year old Thoroughbred Mare who stands at 15 hands. Lady Winner didn’t have a long racing career with only 3 starts winning $0. They decided she wasn’t fit for racing instead she would be better as a broodmare since she has great genetics along with the looks, she had several babies. Her owner was an elderly woman who gave her to Amish. The Amish quickly realized she didn’t know how to drive so they put her in a pasture with minimal care for 5 years. The elderly woman had no idea how she was being treated as she was paying the Amish man $200 a month. Once the Amish man was done with her, she found herself in a horrible place that no horse should ever go, a kill pen. She was found in a Kill Pen in Pennsylvania by Racefund. Racefund helps bail raced Thoroughbreds out of the kill pen, quarantine them, and find them sanctuaries, rescues and or forever homes! After her 30 days of quarantine she came to the rescue on September 2, 2021. She became close friends with Teddy the Appendix as they are stall mates. If she is out of his sight he will start neighing or trying to find a way to get to her. He is in complete love with Lady Winner and she does show him some love from time to time. She is now fully rehabilitated. She received a riding evaluation and she is sound for light riding. She would be good for pleasure riding around the property or trail riding with little to no elevation. She must be adopted out with Teddy as they are inseparable. If she is not in sight of Teddy he tends to freak out and tries to find a way to her. They need each other to grow and strive. Teddy is not rideable but is a great companion to her.

To follow Lady Winner’s progress please check out our Facebook page. For adoption information fill the form out down below or call 904-236-8928. Lady Winner still needs to receive a riding evaluation.

If you would like to be a sponsor for Lady Winner please sign up for your reoccurring monthly donations using PayPal or Venmo. Recommended donation amounts are $25, $50, $75, or $100 (Full Sponsorship). You can also adjust the amount to how much you want to donate. Singular Bequests are also welcomed!

Lady Winner – Light Riding – In Need of Sponsors