Priya – Companion Horse – Partially Sponsored by Amy W.!!

Priya (which means ‘beloved’ in Hindi) is an 18-year-old Off-the-Track Thoroughbred who stands at 15.3 hands. She was our Valentine’s Day rescue; this day fits her so well because all she wants to do is show love even through everything she went through. Her Jockey Club name is “A Peaceful Walk” and we will keep this as her name until we think of a new one. Her Jockey Club name is “A Peaceful Walk”, during career she had 28 starts and earned $56,600 over a few years. Once she was not making a lot of money racing her owners decided to make her a broodmare because of her beauty and great genetics. When she was not able to race or breed anymore, she sadly found herself in the worst place ever, Slaughter as many other horses will find themselves at no fault of their own. It was quickly determined while in quarantine she needed a Caslick Procedure. A Caslick Procedure is when the vulval lips are sutured together to prevent contamination from aspiration of air and feces. She was in quarantine for a month which did help her some, but she still has a long way to go! She has calm down not being scared anymore, as she is mostly calm with anything you throw her way. You can walk behind her, pull wheel barrels behind, and we have not found a noise that spooks her. She is a such a sweetheart that just wants some attention or just someone to talk to her. She is very vocal when you walk into the barn. She does only have one eye, but she does not seem to have any issues with having only one eye. Priya got her eye successfully removed and it healed up quite well. We thought she was pregnant it was been confirmed she is not just has a hay belly! She is fully rehabilitated and is looking great! After a soundness evaluation she is not sound for riding but 100% sound to receive love and attention. She loves the attention she receives from volunteers. She is horse in your pocket kind of gal. She is currently sponsored by Amy W.!!

To follow Priya’s progress please check out our Facebook Page. If you’re interested in adoption Priya please fill this form out below or call (904)236-8928.

If you would to be a sponsor for Priya please sign up for your reoccurring monthly donations using PayPal or Venmo. Recommended donations amounts are $25 or $50(Full Sponsorship). You can also adjust the amount to how much you want to donate. Singular bequests are also welcomed!

Priya – Companion Horse- Partially Sponsored by Amy W.!!